Dedicated to being the largest online outlet of computer & electronics! Student Prices for Everyone, Everyday! To make your satisfaction assured 111%!


Who we are?
Pigpony.comis the professional online Digital & Electronics outlet of USA111 Inc,which is a reputable US-based corporation, located in Columbus, Ohio, United States, specializing in distributing digital & electronics online with unbeatable price, quality and service. We have built up long-term relationship with many manufacturers worldwide. Our R&D Dept has strong thrusts to design and develop high-tech products for better life. The advanced digital technology has already made our lives much more enjoyable and convenient! We are pleased to be able to share these items with you as well, at a cost that can't be beat! Buy it with confidence! We are working hard on reliable delivery schedules and product quality with advanced management software, high standard of quality control and solid contracts with dependable shipping carriers. Pigpony.com serves an ever-growing online market worldwide with advanced and quality OEM or Non-OEM digital & electronics, like the MP3 Player & USB Drives. We want to assure you that we will continue to provide the finest products and a world-class service with complete integrity. Our commitment to providing No.1 Price, No.1 Quality and No.1 Service contributes to the success of Pigpony.com. For our big-purchase clients, our well-trained oversea sales and offices are available and ready to serve you in person. With our direct-factory-to-you policy, we believe that you will find the advantages of USA111 overwhelmingly beneficial to you and your customers.


What are our business objectives?
1. To provide high quality products and services to customers under the principle of “honesty and reputation" 2. To provide employees with stable incomes and ample opportunities for self-development. 3. To provide a fair and reasonable sales system to distributors, on the basis of mutual benefit and developing together.


Why are we here?
To make your satisfaction assured 111% is the starting point of our business. As an online outlet, we have the natural mission to offer quality products with best price as well as best service, meanwhile let our resellers reap reasonable profit margin. We have great strengths to guarantee your satisfaction: a wide choices of digital products, electronics computer peripherals and accessories, many of our products are direct from manufacturers, powerful research & development, negotiation power with suppliers by big purchase, strict quality control system, highly competitive management team, highly efficient supply chain system, excellent enterprises culture, professional and prompt service, etc. Our success comes from basic mission: we sincerely stand to serve you to the best.


How are we providing No.1 price, No.1 quality and No.1 service?
No.1 Price:Our staff work efficiently and cut off as many unnecessary costs as possible to lower down prices. We save big by avoiding or minimizing store costs like rent, lighting, labor, shelving, inventory, etc. We try out best to any intermediary costs. We sell items of the highest quality at 20% to 50% off store prices! We sell the latest, advanced, high tech products at student-affordable prices to everyone! We guarantee the lowest price for equivalent product quality and customer service. If you find lower prices than ours for a similar item, let us know. We won't float up with competitors when all boats float up, neither do we cheat our customers with abnormally high price when consumers feel our high-tech quality products deserve such a high price. We won't do that! We just want to provide as much life convenience to our customers as we can, or let our resellers make more comfortable profits.
No.1 quality:Our central business rule is this: Customers Rule! We choose manufacturers who invest a large amount of capital in the R&D and quality enhancement, which ensures the best quality and performance of products. Most of our products are tested manually again after tested by electronic devices, so the defect rate is very low. As for the raw materials, we never sacrifice quality for lower price; we always choose the highest quality suppliers when take advantage of lower costs. We value quality as the life of our company: save your huge opportunity costs of using other products, save your delivery costs of returning the defects, save your transaction fee of refunds.
No.1 Service:Advanced technical support: we have a smartest and pioneering technical team to design our online stores for efficient search and fast checkout with a relentless commitment to providing unlimited convenient shopping experiences for valued customers; Responsive Customer Satisfaction Team: We always provide prompt answers to your questions. We usually answer your questions within eight hour, and never later than 24 hours; Fast delivery: we usually deliver your order the same/next business day, and never later than three business days. Usually you can easily track delivery through internet. We have delivery schedule promise, and will generously compensate you if we accidentally fail to deliver on time; Speedy manufacturing: with on-going business relationship with factories, we usually need only 2-4 business days to finish one big order, we even only need 7 business days to customize a big order. The factories we choose have a strict master schedule and stick to "just in time" operation philosophy, and so never miss our deadline. The excellent corporation culture and advanced management enable Pigpony.com to make the most of its resources and advantages to serve you.


Thank You!
A site like Pigpony.com lives on its reputation. Once you know for yourself that this is a great site with high quality products at low prices, please share the news! We appreciate your kindness to spread your invaluable POSITIVE words to your families & friends, which would be the best evaluation towards our performance, and truly what we are striving for. We save every penny in bragging advertisement, but focus our strengths on improving the quality and service. We believe that every satisfied customer would be the best advertisement. We appreciate that greatly! We appreciate your interests and trusts in our products and services. You will find that what you receive is just what you want and as advertised. Our powerful order management software and diligently working staff can take care of each order into details. We never sacrifice the quality of products and services for lower price; in contrast, we guarantee the combination of No.1 Quality, No.1 Price, and No.1 Service. Again, our mission is simple: Dedicated to being the largest online outlet of computer & electronics! Student Prices for Everyone, Everyday! To make your satisfaction assured 111%!

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